Maharaja – Aviarium LP


1. Hopeless
2. Soulless
3. Lifeless
4. Ballad of the Flightless Bird


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“Its four tracks are bathed in a dark, hazy atmosphere. Savage, unhinged vocals intersected by hot, razor sharp riffage pulses hypnotically and sometimes stabs at you like a knife. Drums are wild and convulsive, often engrossingly tribalistic….On a whole, the record is simply devastating”
– Doomed & Stoned

Formed in late 2013 in the Gem City, Maharaja are a sludge steamroller ready to lay waste to everything in their path. Their sound is undeniably heavy and visceral; theirs is a sound you can feel; it jars your bones and shakes you to your core. Maharaja’s truth lies within their bottomless heft, groove, and subject matter. While the seeds were planted with their 2014 demo and 2017 debut album, Kali Yuga, the band have completely blossomed on Aviarium.

Regarding the songwriting of the album, Maharaja shares,
“This album is a definite move in our new direction towards a more aggressive sound. Lyrically and thematically, the album is about our home, Dayton Ohio. Being inspired by real events as well as observational insight, the album converses drug addiction, murder, police violence, and the effects of living in a turbulent, depressing place. Sonically, we wanted to capture the weight and intensity of these elements: death, hysteria, tragedy, violence. Each song has its own story, terrible and true.”

Maharaja is:
Eric Bluebaum – Bass / Vocals
Angus Burkhart – Guitars / Vocals
Zack Mangold – Drums

All music by Maharaja
All lyrics by Eric Bluebaum
Recorded by Shaun O’ Shaughnessy at Encore Studios – Dayon, Ohio
Artwork by Nicholas Schukay
Layout by Nestor Carrera

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